Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Site, Programme and Site Response

A suitable site is the northern extent of the Juhu Beach, a usable stretch of the Mumbai coast line in terms of public activity. A major part of the crowd uses the appropriate ambience of calm in order to favour health. A large amount of people uses the morning and evenings in order to carry out exercises and perform yoga, if given a peaceful corner a few even meditate.

Often due to the inappropriate terrain, extensive crowd or the garbage dumped near the water the space offers inefficient usage. And in the late mornings and afternoon times the uncomfortable heat and penetrating sunlight ceases all activity.

To enhance the calm experience and to facilitate more activity in this area a relatable programme for this concept is one that provides room for meditation in a calm water bounded, isolated ambience. The installation would enable people to use the water as a surface to meditate as well as perform yoga. An interesting walkway can be provided as ones immediate surrounding continually oscillates between blue and brown. At late morning, afternoon times it transforms into a public activity area which will protect the users from the scorching heat and in the night it becomes a lounging area to provide subtle lighting in the night’s lull.


Conceptual Study

An obvious characteristic of the fringe (sea-land) condition is the merger of water and land. We have interpreted this condition in terms of a fusion of states. The transformation from land (solid) to sand (particulate) to water (liquid) is seen as a back and forth melting and fusion process.

Form: It is studied in terms of the change in properties of the three states as well as the physical appearance and form of each. The modules show fused acrylic structures that exhibit these transforming properties.